The major Camino routes

Del Norte

Camion del Norte River view

The Northern route as the name suggests follows the coast from the border town of Irun in the Basque region of Spain and travelling close to the Atlantic ocean and the Bay of Biscay before eventually dropping down to join the Camino Frances at Azrua. In 2016  over 17000 pilgrims gained a compostela for journeying on this camino. This represented just over 6% of all those peregrinos who completed a pilgrimage.

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Camino Frances Forest

The most popular of the four main pilgrimage routes and in 2016 176,332 (63.38%) pilgrims gained a Compostela on this Way to Santiago. This is arguably the most scenic route and the nature and climate make this a wonderful journey to walk or cycle. The route is divided into 33 steps, or etapas, and from the Pyrenees be prepared for a walk of almost 800 kilometres.

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Camino Portugues Bridge

This journey historically starts in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal but since a lot  of the trail between Lisbon and Porto is on the tarmac pilgrims these days opt to travel the route from Oporto to Santiago which is not quite 250 kilometres. The journey includes some beautiful nature through the fertile region of the country before entering Spain at Tui and eventually travelling through Galicia and onto Santiago. In 2016 over 52000 pilgrims walked this Way making it the second most popular pilgrimage walked or cycled that year.

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Via de la Plata



In 2015 over 9000 or three percent of all pilgrims completed this route to Santiago. This spectacular 1000 kilometre walk is the most remote of all the pilgrimages and bisects the country east to west as it travels north to Santiago.
On this Way you will be rewarded with magnificent reminders of Roman and medieval Spain.

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