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I walked my first camino in 2008 and the experience for me was so satisfying that I have walked one every year since. All those years ago I chose to walk the Via de la Plata ,which is the least travelled of the four main pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. I shared some part of a  journey with a resolute Frenchman called Jean Pierre whose 70 years of age certainly belied his looks and posture. When I first met Jean Pierre he was embarking on his fifth camino and over the course of the next few weeks together he would regale me with the highs and lows of his experiences. I was intrigued as to why he was so passionate about his yearly endeavour. He said for him the pilgrimage had become an addiction of the soul and over time I have found that I have come to agree with him.

Just quite why I decided to take a camera along with me and film the various journeys is beyond me as the last thing any pilgrim needs on a long trail is excess weight in their backpacks, but I did and the result is I have made movies of the main camino routes.

These hour long movies are a visual interpretation of the whole journey from start to finish and include the towns and terrain and the cities and the highlights. For those contemplating a camino it will certainly give an idea of what to expect and for those who have completed a camino it will be a lasting reminder of your amazing achievement.

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